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AccUsa v0.2 

Jueves, 2 Septiembre 2010

We have published version v0.2 of AccUsa, our support tool for accessibility and usability engineering. It's available in "Descargas" (downloads) section:

Screenshot of AccUsa v0.2

These are some of the new features since previous version v0.1

  • Support for thinking-aloud user testing (partial)
  • Multiple rounds per technique and project
  • Issue duplication
  • Multiple options for issues exportation
  • More views for multiple experts support (issues' status; different views of issues in a single project)

By the way, we will be talking about this tool next week in Interacción 2010, in Valencia, where we will present our article "Más allá del cuchillo de palo: hacia una herramienta integrada para un verdadero diseño centrado en el usuario".

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