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AccUsa v0.3 

Jueves, 27 Enero 2011

We have published AccUsa version 0.3; it's available in "Descargas" (downloads) section:

AccUsa v0.3 screenshot (accessibility evaluation)

This version of our Support Tool for Accessibility and Usability Engineering fixes some bugs and has better support for Microsoft Access 2003. Besides that, it includes some new features, mainly for accessibility evaluations:

  • New accessibility guidelines: UNE; W3C mobile best practices; ATAG; UAAG; PDF guidelines; Flash guidelines: Video games guidelines.
  • New accessibility tools: MobileOK; Unicorn; AChecker; AccessColor; W3C Link Checker; WebANywhere; INTAV.
  • Now it's possible to launch online tools from AccUsa, selecting one tool and (optionally) one item. 
  • More data in results reports: evaluation dates; summary; evaluated items.
  • New issue statuses for better management: "discarded (duplicated)"; "discarded (fixed)"

Remember you need Microsoft Access to use this application; you can download a free Access runtime from Microsoft's website.

Any feedback will be really welcome!

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