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AccUsa: support tool for accessibility and usability engineering 

Martes, 21 Abril 2009

Versión en español

Various guides, documents and templates are available to perform usability and accessibility evaluations. However, for daily work we missed a structured integrated tool to manage and centralize the required information for these processes.

In order to solve that need, we have published in our "Descargas" (downloads) section a first version/prototype of AccUsa, which is a supporting and documentation tool for the processes of accessibility and usability engineering. Specifically, it supports the techniques accessibility evaluation and heuristic usability evaluation.

AccUsa screenshot

The aim of this tool is not to automate evaluations but to be helpful as a guide for usability and accessibility experts who perform them, as well as being a management and documentation tool for that kind of projects.

This first version is implemented using Microsoft Access; however we don't rule out implementing it on other platforms (like web). It's also intended to integrate other techniques in it (like user testing). If you don't have Access installed, you can download a free runtime version from Microsoft's website.

IMPORTANT: to run the application it's necessary to accept the SECURITY ALERT that appears after opening it. The program code inside the database is only for internal use and never affects the machine it is running on.

As a prototype, you can download and use this tool. We appreciate your contributions (opinions, bugs, suggestions, experiences, etc.) using our e-mail or entering comments to this blog post.

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